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Are healthcare workers recompensed for their services?

Highest paying jobsA job and a career are two commonly confused terms among so many people. While jobs offer a form of personal satisfaction and a way to earn a living wage, they are completely different from careers. Careers require education and experience in said field and they pay more handsomely for time spent at the workplace than most jobs do. Most of the top paying careers in the United States also required advanced degrees, continuous training and many years of experience.

Contrary to general opinion, I believe healthcare workers don’t really get what they deserve for their services. Despite the heavy working conditions,  they are underpaid comparing to many other sectors in the U.S. If you don’t agree with me, let’s take a closer look to some of the careers and jobs and see what they make for their services.

Chief Executive Officer

The education and level of experience of a CEO varies from company to company. However, a CEO must have a long history of management experience. Salaries range from a well five figure to millions of dollars a year. For Fortune 500 CEO’s, sky is the limit.

Engineering Managers

The annual income of an Engineering Manager is $120,580. Almost all the engineering fields require massive experience and of course, an education is necessary. Once can work in different engineering settings including civil engineering, environmental engineer and electrical engineer to mention a few.

Petroleum Engineers

A strong background in management is necessary in this career choice. Experts in this field also have Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering.

Paralegal Assistant

A paralegal assistant is one of the most important persons in a law firm. They help lawyers in providing legal service to clients. They can perform any duty other than representing client in court or issuing legal advice.

A Legal Assistant has the responsibility to assist a lawyer in handling a case. They research, prepare arguments and write reports. They are more like lawyers only that they do not legal advice to clients or represent clients in the court. You must have a thorough knowledge of law and years of experience to serve as a Legal Assistant. You must be an exceptional communicator, a keen researcher, flexible, organized and resilient. If you are a paralegal, you would expect to make between 30k to 120k a year depending upon the sector.

Travel Nurse

This is a great position for qualified nurses who would love to travel to work in temporary places. The advantages of this career include growth and development, personal adventure and higher pay. Those who choose this career path can be recruited by an agency or work as an independent contractor.

RN Nurse

RN nurse or the Registered Nurse is a graduate from a nursing program at a College or the University. Usually, one must pass the National Licensing Exam to obtain a Nursing License. The scope of practice of a Registered Nurse is determined by the government responsible for healthcare in the region and the respective school. The two bodies clearly outline what is legal practice for the nurses and the task they should and should not perform.

Computer and Information System Managers

Information Technology is one of the well-paying careers in the market today. On average, the annual salary of Computer and Information System Managers is $118, 710. Experts in this field have education and extensive experience in Information Technology and Computer Engineering.

Financial Managers

Financial Managers are charged with the responsibility of managing mutual fund, banks, credit unions, financial institutions and stock brokerage. A financial manager must have several years of experience in Management and Finance and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Sales Managers

The average annual salary of a Sales Manager is $110,390. A Sales Manager does not necessarily need to have a formal education in Sales Management. This is because experience in this field is given a much higher value than an education in Sales Management.

Baby Care for Sunburns and Colic

sunburn baby

Baby Care for Sunburns

One of the primary concern for parents in the summer is SUNBURN.

Not only will too much exposure to the sun increase your child’s skin cancer risk later in life, but also it will cause discomfort and pain. Whether your child will go swimming, biking or just take a short walk, it is important to take preventive care.

For kids, it is best to apply sunblock/sunscreen with a high SPF and contain titanium oxide or zinc oxide. I can recommend the following:

Coppertone Water Babies. Available in 30 & 45 SPF. It has instant waterproof protection, hence the name. I highly recommend this product if you choose to take your baby swimming.

Hawaiian Tropic Baby Faces. SPF 60. You can buy this with a detachable travel-size bottle.

Baby Magic Sunblock Instant Protection. SPF 50. The new formula provides immediate sun protection.

Baby Care for Colic

As a mother, never have I felt more frustrated than when my son had colic. It is so distressing to see your child cry every single day, and you cannot do anything to comfort your little bundle of joy. The fact that you know that it is NOT a dangerous condition cannot even ease any parent’s mind.

Hoping to help others, a group of parents has found the Colic Shop. It’s a specialized shop offering products that might help ease the baby’s discomfort like massage, gas drops and other supplements,, etc.. There is even a forum for colic support groups with product reviews and advices from other parents.

Visit them and see what they have to offer your colicky baby.

Choosing a Pediatrician

We were obvious first-time parents. We chose our son’s pediatrician based only on two conditions: ability to speak English (FYI. I live in Germany) and proximity to our house. Honestly, we just took it for granted that ALL doctors are competent.

The doctor we chose, thank God, is superb. But it’s also way more than just that. Little did we think that child-doctor relationship is also very very important.

Luckily, my son does not even wince whenever he gets shots but it is obvious that the older he gets, the more anxious he becomes during doctor visits. Soon, we hope to help our son build a good relationship with his pediatrician.

To help you (and me) in choosing the right pediatrician, here are some guidelines for you to read.

What constitutes a perfect parent?

perfect parent

By no stretch of the imagination would I ever be considered an ideal mother. But I do everything that I think is right for my son because I love him, and I only wish what is best for him.

I believe that most mothers have been doing the same.

However, I do find it distressing when mothers critique other mothers. Some even think that it’s their “right” to compare every little mothering details obsessively and even go as far as start lecturing that poor-soul-who-does-not-know-how-to-be-a-mother mother. I call this the “my way is the right way!” lecture.

And then there are those who are forever comparing SAHM and Working Moms. But, that deserves the whole entry all by itself.

Being a mom is already hard, I do not need holier-than-thou moms to make me feel insecure about something that I am already very sensitive. I say, what works for one may not work for the other. It all depends on the person, the availability of choices (daycare, finances, etc.) and the over-all situation. No one has the right to pass any judgment on any mother unless that person has stepped into the shoes of the other.

What about the Dads out there? Can you relate? Do you have the same issues with other dads?

Dressing Up Your Baby

Dressing Up Your Baby

When I was pregnant with my son, I was shopping in several famous stores. The stuffs we purchased fit him so well and seemed extremely cozy, and for an infant entering an exceptionally cold winter, that was he needed.

Now that Rylie is getting older, and my tastes seem to be diversifying, I am eager to find clothing for her that stands out. She is a unique, spunky little person, and she shouldn’t have to dress like every other baby in the mall.

It took several days and sleepless nights of searching the internet at home and borrowing time on my mother’s computer before I found a good selection, but thanks to the following companies, my children (and yours!) now have the opportunity to dress as fun and funky as their parents.

Hot Topic, a favorite store for teens and adults, has recently started carrying a line of baby clothes. Featuring sweaters with grommet trim, plaid, lace-up pants and skirts, and onesies with “goth” designs, this has quickly become my favorite place to browse for baby.

Though a bit on the expensive side, Snot Nose Brats is another great shop for alternative children’s clothes. Also designed by a mom with uniqueness in mind, this line includes pants, dresses, and anarchy t-shirts for your little rebel. For an additional selection of “shirts only a mother could love,” Snot Nose Brats directs customers to T-Shirt Hell’s Baby Hell. Not for the faint of heart, these shirts are guaranteed to make the average Alterna mommy (or daddy) laugh out loud.

As I prepare to post this article, I’m starting to wonder if I want to let these secrets out. After all, there’s nothing unusual about being unique if everybody is doing it! So use these suggestions with caution and don’t forget about Old Navy and Carters in your rush to outfit your little anarchist for a trip to the playground.

Politics and Parenting: Abortion Choice

abortionIn the past, I’ve refrained from posting anything too controversial or personal, and I feel that something is missing here because of that restraint. I don’t want to flood you all with my political opinions, but I adhere to the belief that “the parental is the political.” Our opinions on social and political issues profoundly affect the choices we make as parents and the moral values we aim to instill in our children. Leaving my political self out of this blog has left the blog itself a bit empty.

That’s about to change!

Have no fear — you can still come here for the basics, but I hope no one objects to the occasional social/political/parenting commentary.

Jumping Right InConfession: the fact that I had a baby before getting married does not mean that I am against abortion. It’s amazing how many people assume that those of us who have children at a young age, without getting hitched, must be anti-choice! As an individual who is firm in her belief that a woman has every right to discontinue any pregnancy, at any time and for any reason, I cannot even begin to describe how degrading this assumption is.

From an emotional perspective, I feel confident that my daughter will grow up knowing that we made the conscious decision to raise her and that her future well-being was taken into consideration when her father and I decided to bring her into the world. We had a choice; what an empowering feeling. Generations of women before us died, while others were forced to continue their pregnancies only to have their children harvested for adoption, all because they didn’t have the right to choose.

A male friend once assured me that having a baby would radically alter my point of view. If anything, becoming a mother has strengthened my beliefs. I greatly enjoyed my pregnancy because I knew I was ready and willing to be a mommy at the end of it all, but I cannot imagine being forced to stay pregnant had my situation been different.

Choice: Freedom for women, now and forever.