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Taking care of our children

Child CareThere are many aspects to raising children, two of which are in the home and in the community. In the home and as a community, we should show children love and respect as well as discipline in order to help them grow into well functioning adults.

Parents, regardless of if they are single, gender mixed or same gender should learn to discipline with love and respect. Children need boundaries to feel safe and secure. When a parent is constantly changing their position on important items children feel that anything could happen. Parents were created as protectors for their children. Human babies are one of the most helpless mammals during their first years of life.

During this time a baby needs constant care and affection. Sadly, studies have been done where babies were given only what was “physically needed.” This did not include any touch or talking. These babies did not survive their first year of life. Physical touch including hugs, pats on the head, and holding hands is very important for young children. These are the things that should be done in the home so that the child doesn’t seek them out in the community. There are many documented studies showing how hugs can cause an increase in positive hormones. Psychotherapist Virgina Satir once stated, “ We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” If a child needs 8 hugs for maintenance isn’t it the same as needing 3-4 meals a day. Would you starve your children from eating one of their meals? If not, then, why starve them emotionally from receiving what they need to maintain their emotional state? Even better, why not give them what they need to have emotional growth? Twelve hugs seem like a lot, but this will not only boost your child’s emotional growth, but yours as well.

As a community, we also have a responsibility to care for children. Even those who do not have children of their own have a certain responsibility towards our new generations. This may sound strange but some day they will be the elderly generation being cared for by the younger one. Who do we want leading our country, our schools, our hospitals and our churches in the years to come? When you look at a child you are looking at the future of our country and of our world.

The past has proven over and over that children who were not well cared for cause great catastrophes and problems in the community as a whole. With that in mind why shouldn’t the community as a whole care for their children. The big question here is how. How can those who do not have children care for those children in their community? Often times it’s as simple as helping a child pick up something that was dropped or leading them in the right directions. There are also associations and groups who care for children by giving them courses at affordable prices. One way to help your community to care for children is to donate time or money to these associations.

Are you taking good care of our future?